Ben Forrest

Ben Forrest throwing Ian Calvert at BAF Summer School 2013

I began Aikido training in 2002, practising in the Tomiki-style system. I was graded to Shodan (1st Dan) in November 2005 and to Nidan (2nd Dan) in July 2007.

However, I became increasingly interested in traditional Aikido and in August 2007 I ventured to Sevenoaks Shoshinkan Aikido to try a traditional Aikido class for myself.
I knew immediately that I had found the Aikido I was looking for and began to attend the Sevenoaks dojo on a regular basis.

I officially joined the British Aikido Federation in October 2007 and by Spring 2008 I had ceased regular practice of Tomiki-style Aikido altogether.

I was awarded Shodan (1st Dan, Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo) in August 2011 by Shihan Takeshi Kanazawa (7th Dan) and Shihan Minoru Kanetsuka (7th Dan).

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