Welcome to Sakurakan Aikido

Sakurakan Aikido offers Traditional Aikido practice in Folkestone.

Thursday nights 19:15 - 21:15 at Hawkinge Community Centre.

For all enquiries, please contact Ben Forrest.
Ben Forrest, Shodan (1st Dan), Instructor: Telephone 07812 164647
email: ben@folkestone-aikido.co.uk

Try Aikido in 2013

Has the Olympics inspired you to get active? Do you want to challenge both your mind and your body?

Aikido is a very modern martial art that is both non-aggressive and non-competitive with an unrivalled martial heritage. Aikido employs sophisticated techniques with full contact to neutralize attackers through body mechanics, balance and energy.

Balance is critical to Aikido and is found in every element of practice. Classes are physically and mentally invigorating, traditional and forward-thinking, disciplined and joyous.

A Truly Unique Budo Experience

I've been looking forward to this weekend for some time and the chance to train with two big names in the world of Budo; Robert Mustard Sensei and Toby Threadgill Sensei.

I've had the pleasure of training with Mustard Sensei a few times before, so I had some sense of what his class might be like, but I have only read about Threadgill Sensei.

Try Aikido in Spring 2012

Aikido is a modern martial art with a distinguished ancestry. Traditional aikido practice is dynamic, but non-competitive and develops balance, coordination, posture and flexibility. Sakurakan Aikido is a member of the British Aikido Federation and offers traditional aikido practice in Folkestone. Please contact Ben Forrest for more information.

The mats are in

The mats were delivered to Hawkinge Community Centre this morning and are now safely stowed away ready for our first class on Thursday. One trolley plus 24 mats is surprisingly heavy...

New Logo

I'm trying out a proper new logo for the club.

I will get a better quality version done; but I think it conveys the general concept.

Feedback welcome...

We have lift off!

Classes start on December 8th at Hawkinge Community Centre and will continue every Thursday night from 8pm - 9:30pm. Please arrive at 7:45pm.

Hawkinge Community Centre is conveniently located, less than 5 minutes from Junction 13 of the M20. The centre has ample parking and full changing facilities.

What's with the new name?

The club was originally going to be called Folkestone Shoshinkan Aikido to reflect the strong relationship we have with our sibling dojo Sevenoaks Shoshinkan Aikido.

However, as I sat sipping Sencha Sakura (green tea with cherry blossom); contemplating the Spring and the blossom of the 'Great White Cherry' (Prunus Tai Haku) that grows in my garden; and the blossoms of Cherry Garden Avenue around the corner; the penny dropped.

So Sakurakan Aikido it is.

Hope you like it...

Calling New Members

Sakurakan Aikido is looking for new members!  If you would like to learn Traditional Aikido in Folkestone, then please contact Ben Forrest.

The more potential members we have, the more scope there is to find a venue.  You don't need to make a commitment yet; just let me know if you'd like to come along and give it a try...

Looking for a Venue

I am on the hunt for a venue again!  Thursday nights preferred.  Must be able to store up to 24 2m x 1m mats on a trolley.
Please let me know if you know of anywhere suitable in the West-end area of Folkestone.

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