Welcome to Sakurakan Aikido

Sakurakan Aikido offers Traditional Aikido practice in Folkestone.

Sakurakan derives from the Japanese meaning 'cherry blossom' and is inspired by the abundance of blossom trees that can be seen around Folkestone in early Spring.  Cherry blossom is also symbolic of the brief intensity of life, its cyclical nature and its context within the Universe.

We maintain a strong relationship with our sibling dojo Sevenoaks Shoshinkan Aikido.

We also have links to Shinbukan dojo in Canterbury, which is part of the Komyokan Aikido Association.

As a member of the British Aikido Federation we follow a traditional approach to Aikido training. Members are encouraged to attend regular BAF courses with Kanetsuka Sensei (Shihan, 7th Dan) which are held throughout the year.

Thursday nights 19:15 - 21:15 at Hawkinge Community Centre.

Contact us

For all enquiries, please contact Ben Forrest.
Ben Forrest, Shodan (1st Dan), Instructor: Telephone 07812 164647
email: ben@folkestone-aikido.co.uk